Session by Dr. Mr. Dwarika Prasad Unniyal

Mitra Academy organised a ‘Guest Lecturer Talk’ on Tuesday, 14th May 2024, as a part of its orientation programme for the new academic year 2024-25. The guest lecturer, Dr Mr. Dwarika Prasad Unniyal, the Pro Vice Chancellor of R V University enlightened the audience on the paradigm shift that has occurred in the learning sphere and made the teachers aware of the gradual transformation that has hit their role as a teacher. The talk harped on changing the approach towards teaching in the present world with the advent of technology and generative AI, where answers are available in plenty, hence the need of the time is to teach the students to curate and pose relevant questions, and right ones, to learn to excel in the real world. The speaker interacted with the teachers to make them understand the magic which teachers can create when they work collaboratively.  The importance of learning in context was emphasized by giving interesting and amusing examples from everyone’s daily life and experiences. The session ended with highlighting the importance of asking ‘Why?’ in any learning process and how to ensure that the students do not lose the path of asking the same, and stay motivated in their journey of life, accomplishing various feats, in the maze of an education system which can be limiting.
The session was quite interesting and interactive with beautiful verses, relevant to the topic and relatable to the listeners immediate