Beyond Academics



Sports is an integral part of the Curriculum. We offer an array of indoor and outdoor activities for physical development. Athletics, Basketball, Throwball, Table Tennis, Chess, Karate, Carrom cater to mental and physical development of children. All children are encouraged to participate in a sport activity of their choice. The Annual Sport Meet witnesses active participation by maximum number of students.

Music & Dance

At Mitra culture plays an important role. Children are provided an opportunity to learn dance and music be it Indian or Western. Regular Inter-house competitions are held to encourage the children to participate in these. Qualified dance masters and music teachers guide the children helping to bring out the best in them.

Performing Arts

Dramatics is a part of life. Theatre club helps students not only to act but also to write the script, direct the action and produce a play all by themselves under the able guidance of well known theatre personalities. This is where creativity is put to test and children let go of their imagination, put their ideas on paper and give them a visual effect.

Trips & Excursions

Trips and excursions are organized regularly at Mitra. The students Students are taken not only on field trips but also on educational visits to places such as the Museum, the Planetarium, Butterfly Park and Assembly in session. Regular picnics are organized for the Kindergarten and the Primary sections to various places of interest. Excursions, spread over two or three days, are organized for high school children.


Childrens Movement for Civic Awareness (CMCA) – Believes that nurturing active citizenship amongst children is a sure way of ensuring vibrant, participatory democracy. This, they aim to achieve by conducting rallies, walkathon, as well as visits to municipal colonies. A group of Mitraites have formed a Civic Club. Through various sessions, films, flash cards, games and activities, students are sensitised to democratic and civic issues that concern them as citizens. They then spread this awareness in the society through campaigns.


The Energy Research Institute – TERI – a not for profit organisation working in the fields of environment, energy and sustainable, development issues. TERI has been a pioneer in environmental education conducting several activities in School to spread the message of environmental protection and to create an informed future citizen by regularly organising camps. Mitra is a member of the prestigious Project ‘Climate Edu Xchange’- a TERI-Dell initiative. As a part of the project, TERI conducts workshops to spread awareness about the issue of climate change.


Mitra is a part of Safe and Sensitive schools, a project conducted by The Teacher Foundation in association with WIPRO. The aim of this project is to make the whole school a safe and sensitive place not only for children but also for teachers and parents as well. The project helps the school create positive, constructive, nurturing, collaborative policies & interaction among teachers and students.


News papers play a very important role in the field of education. Mitra is a part of the NIE programme conducted by both the Times of India and The Hindu. Resource persons provide guidance to help children understand the different ways and different purposes for which a newspaper can be used.