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Hearty congratulations to our students of Std.IX, Leticia Sebastian and Shrinika Mukundan on securing the third place among the 230 schools of Bengaluru at the IDEATHON, Youth Leadership Summit 2024 and bringing glory to our school. They have made us very proud.
A Letter of Gratitude to a Teacher
The Mitra March Past Team had made us proud once again. We would like to share our happiness with you at this juncture when our students have won the First place at the ceremonial Republic Day Parade under Group 4 at the Manekshaw Parade Ground on Thursday, January 26, 2023.
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Our  efforts by the team during the turbulent times of the pandemic were recognised by esteemed organisations like the Eldrok, Education World and Education Today. After their survey, interacting with representatives and other stakeholders of schools that were cherry picked by them, Mitra Academy stands tall  today as one of the schools that works towards  a better  tomorrow for children.

Eldrok – recognised us twice, once for our Excellence in student parent orientation and SEED programme for the year 2021 and in October 2022 for  Excellence in providing an interactive learning environment for this academic year.

  It was a matter of pride for us that our C.E.O, Tanveer Sir was invited to be one of the panelists at the Taj Bengaluru to speak on the union budget and was awarded under the category Education stalwarts 2022. He was also recognised by the Education today at the K12 Leadership conference for his exemplary contribution in the field of education. 

Our school was ranked No 1 by the Education today at the K12 Leadership conference for our individual attention to students.

MITRA ACADEMY, Bangalore is ranked among India’s Top 10 schools for High Happiness Quotient Schools in the Education World India School Grand Jury Rankings 2022-23 Awards. We have been ranked no 200 by Education World for the Academic year 2022-23.





Ist Place – Independence Day March Past – Manekshaw Parade Ground.

  Krish Rohit Betgeri (3E) has topped Olympiad Exam as Independent candidate Star Performer (CSO) – 2021-22
Shriya Sojesh won on First Prize across all Carnatic Music Category

(Varnam, Keerthanam and Mumoorthigal Krithikal)

Magic of Melodies with Shriya Sojesh

Swara Samajam