Annual Day – KG – Gulliver’s Odyssey – A journey to the Land of Lilliputs

The virtual Annual Day celebrated on Saturday, January 08, 2022, and Sunday, January 09, 2022, proved to be a huge success. The wonderful words of wisdom and the positive outlook by our Chief Guest, Dr. Rakesh Godhwani, CEO and Founder of School of Meaningful Experiences, definitely struck a chord with our audience. The programme took the audience on an amazing trip to the Land of Lilliputs. Our tiny tots swept their parents off their feet with their mesmerising performance. It was indeed a memorable experience for the little ones as well as their parents. The confidence and charm of our little anchors, as they took us through the programme further added glitz to the occasion. On the whole, the little ones of Kinderworld travelled to the virtual land of Lilliputs with ‘Gulliver’.